Vietnam Royal Tourism provides a wide range of services including the incentives, conference and meetings market. These includes destination, logistics, hotel purchasing, transportation, av production and business theatre, indoor and outdoor special events, conference management and creative development.


Enormous business opportunities exist in Vietnam for business houses in certain sectors such as IT, medical, telecommunications, banking, insurance, oil and petroleum, Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agro products and food, water management, among others. This has given a boost to Meetings, Conventions and Incentives taking place in Vietnam, since participants can explore the possibilities of business expansion in Vietnam. With world-class hotels and venues, no less than 15 international airports in Vietnam that are served by almost 50 international airlines, it is easy to see why Vietnam is slowly earning its place as the upcoming conference destination. Vietnam has developed its conference infrastructure and facilities to such an extent that it is now recognized as one of the most important convention venues in the world. The tradition of hospitality makes the country ideal for such events, which date back to the Buddhist period when kings used to have conferences on religious matters, and delegates from all over the country would attend.

All major cities in Vietnam are equipped with conference facilities of international standards to hold major conferences & exhibitions. In addition to the star category hotels, there are various independent convention centers & exhibition grounds to cater to such events.

A 'mature' destination, Vietnam's successful track record at hosting international and national conferences gives meeting planners the confidence that suppliers will deliver.

There is no country in the world that can match the variety Vietnam can offer. Vietnam undoubtedly is the most fascinating country in the world with such a variety of landscape - from the mighty Phanxipang in the north to the beaches in the south, from dense jungles in the east to deserts in the west. There's such a wide spectrum in the culture & traditions that you cannot witness in any single continent, forget about a single nation. People of all faiths live in harmony with each other. Sixteen different languages with more than 200 distinctive dialects only add to the mystique that is Vietnam.