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Note: The "kh" sound is essentially a hard "h" sound, like the "ch" sound in Hebrew words.
Sometimes it incorporates the "k" sound, sometimes it doesn't. Because the slightest change in pronunciation can be a totally different word, use caution when trying to communicate in Vietnamese.

Basic Words and Phrases

Co, vang, da (caw, vahng, dah)/Khong (hong )
Thank you Cam on (cahm awn)
Thank you very much Cam on nhieu (cahm awn nee-yoo)
You're welcome Khong co chi (hong co chee)
Please Xin vui long (sin vooee lohng)
Excuse me Xin loi (sin loy)
Hello Xin Chao (sin chow)
Goodbye Tam biet (tahm bee-et)
Good Morning
Xin Chao (sin chow)
Good afternoon
Xin Chao (sin chow)
Good evening
Xin Chao (sin chow)
Good night
Chuc ngu ngon (chook nook yahn)
You (Formal)
Ong [m], Ba [f] (ong, bah)
What is your name? Ten [ong or ba] la gi (ten …. lah vee)
My name is… Ten toi la… (tain toy la)
Nice to meet you Rat hen hanh (Zut hun high)
How are you? [Ong or Ba] co khoe khong (…ko kwya hong)
Good Tot (tawt)
I do not understand Toi khong hieu (toy hong hee-you)
How do you say this in Vietnamese?
Cai nai tieng Viet noi the nao? (Keh neh tee-eng vee-et noy te now)
Do you speak English? [Ong or Ba] co noi tieng anh khong? (….. caw noy tee-eng eing kung)
Where is the bathroom? Nha ve sinh o ddau? (Nyah vay sing oh doh)
Phong (fawng)
Ve (veh)
Ho chieu (ho chee-oo)
Getting Around

Where is...?
O dau…? (Aw dow)
… Airport?
San bay (sahn bye)
Train station?
Ga xe lua (vah theh-loo-ah)
Subway station? Ben tau dien ngam (ben taugh dee-en nahm)
Post office?
Buu dien (boo dee-en)
… Bank?
Ngan hang or nha bang (nun bahng ya bahng)
Police Station
Don canh sat (dawn keng saht)
Hospital? Benh vien or nha thuong (ben vee-en nyah toong)
Pharmacy? Hieu thuoc (hee-oo tawk)
… Hotel?
Khach san (kak sahn) or Hotel
Nha nghi (nyah nyee)
How much is the fare?
Gia ve la bao nhieu? (ga veh la bun-yoo)

How much?
Bao nhieu? (bow nyoo)
How much does this cost?
Kai nay gia bao nhieu? (ka nye za bow-yoo)
I'll buy it
Toi mua cai nay (toy mwah kah nye)
I would like to buy
Toi muon mua (toy mun moo-ah)
… Stamps Tem (taim)
… Postcards
Buuaah (boo ein) or Postcard
Do you have
... [Ong or Ba] co ….. khong? (… caw … hong)
Do you accept credit cards?
[Ong or Ba] co lay the tin dung khong? (…. co lay tay teen yoong hong
Dining out

Restaurant Nha hang or quan an (nyah hahng kwahn ahn)
An sang (ahn sahng)
An trua (ahn tooah)
An toi (ahn toy)
Vegetarian an chay (ahn chy)
Please bring the bill Toi muon tra tien (toy mun tra tee-en)
Coffee Café (kah fay)
Tea Tra (trah)
Juice Nuoc trai cay (nook try kay)
Bottled water
Nuoc suoi (nook soo-ee)
Bia (bee-ah)
Rouo (roo)
Muoi (moy)
Tieu (tee-oh)

One mot (mawt
hai (hi)
ba (bah)
bon (bone)
Five nam (nahm)
Six sau (sow – as in pig)
bay (bye)
Eight tam (tahm)
chin (cheen)
muoi (moy)
hai muoi (hi moy)
nam muoi (nahm moy)
One hundred mot tram (mawt trahm)
One thousand mot ngan (mawt ne-yan)