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Blessed by nature, Vietnam is a beautiful country in the South east of Asia. The country is fast becoming a major tourist destination of the region and is visited by large number of tourists from across the world. With large number of eating out options, eating is not a problem in Vietnam. Asiarooms offers to give you online information on Vietnam what/where to eat,Asia.

Vietnamese serve you with mainly three regional cuisines from North, South and Central and Central Vietnam. North Vietnamese food is usually simple and is less spicy as compared to the South Vietnamese food and has a Chinese flavor about it. On the other hand central Vietnamese food is more spicy. For Vietnamese cooking is more like an art.

No meal in Vietnam is complete without the tray of herbs and use of fresh vegetables. Almost every meal is complimented with find sliced cucumbers, hot peppers, coriander, bean threads, a little basil or mint etc.

There are various restaurants in Vietnam that serve you with wide variety of cuisine from across the globe. You will find restaurants and eating out joints in almost every nook and corner of the Vietnam city.

Besides, Coffee shops and bars are other options where you can spend a nice time relishing the tasty food and a nice drink. Café Z, Café Lam, Le Marina are some of the famous restaurants in Vietnam.

Besides, with no tension of what and where to eat in Vietnam, tourists leave the country with fond memories of Vietnam.