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Inside tourist areas, a wide range of food acceptable to the international palate are freely available, eating places are often clean and menus typically have English translations. Elsewhere, the range is much less, dishes and menus are often unrecognizable and preparation and eating areas are a great distance from international standards of hygiene. Having said that, few visitors seem undergo food-associated diseases during their stay!


Other than the most expensive institutions, hotel food is almost always provided as a buffet with a mixture of Asian and international dishes. Although the quality could also be good, the variety is usually unimaginative. Gia Linh Travel often leaves you to your personal gadgets within the evening so as to choose the type of food and level of restaurant that you just prefer.
We additionally offer an 'eat avenue' alternative in Hanoi, whereby you'll be able to pattern the bewildering array of specialist pavement 'cafés'. Our workers might be pleased to accompany you to the places where the locals eat – the food will be wholly authentic, scrumptious and cost a fraction of restaurant prices.

Don't anticipate Western-style 'hygiene' although – however, we have taken loads of our company to 'eat road' without a single abdomen upset! On tours together with meals, we use the best available restaurants. In distant areas with out suitable eating places, picnic meals will be provided.
Vietnamese food is usually nutritious and healthy. Cooking strategies are confined to grilling, frying, boiling and steaming, as ovens are usually not used. The staple is rice, either as grain or flour. The delicacies vary in accordance with the region. Within the north, it's comparatively bland, with a robust Chinese language influence. Food in the Hue area is spicier, with some French touches. In the south, dishes with hot spices proliferate. Every area has its personal local specialties.